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Last week I decided to pick up a blaster of Topps Chrome during a trip to Wally World. This was a really fun break and I'm happy to see that the quality control on these cards is much better this year. Normally blasters aren't too noteworthy, but I was really impressed with this one.

Notable rookie base cards:
Freddie Freeman
Aroldis Chapman
Brandon Beachy
Aaron Crow

Vintage Chrome:
Mark Teixeira

As for the rest of the box, I'll let the scan do the talking....


I'm definitely going to be opening more of this stuff; I'll be cracking open a hobby box this weekend for sure. Thanks for looking!
Sweet blue auto, Drabek is back in the majors, hopefully for good. I'm not a big fan of Topps Chrome but man the autos the last couple years have been sweet looking, all on card...just wish they could get some veterans signing these as well.
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