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Im am in need of help. I am primarily a football collector but have some very decent baseball too. I am looking to sell because i have decided to start a new set in football (200 Exquisite Autobiography /75 and /99) and no one on beckett has any for trade. Which brings me to my point, i am looking to sell these and am willing to give a very good price. If you see anything you like, leave a post here or send me a pm and i will get back to you. Thanks and help a guy out...

[Image: scan0021.jpg]

[Image: scan0004.jpg]

[Image: scan0078.jpg] Front

[Image: scan0079.jpg] Back

[Image: DSCF4747.jpg]
plz pm me a price on the brewers trip patch plz
Pm me about the jeter and mantle please
PM me on the Jeter card and Price auto please.
(09-15-2011 07:07 PM)john1580 Wrote: [ -> ]plz pm me a price on the brewers trip patch plz

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