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i have a bunch of Neely cards for you still
Let me know if I've got anything you want for them, my org is pretty much up to date, other than some Artifacts stuff I need to add tonight. Let me know.
Not a whole lot going on these days, anyone else got anything available from my list?
Monster update, added a couple new players to the list and deleted a couple for whom I've been able to pick up an autograph and a jersey. Lots of new stuff added to the bucket from my PC as well, Crosby/Fleury, Crosby/Lemieux, Crosby/Stamkos/Tavares triple, maybe 40 new cards moved into my trade folders, so if you've got something I need, and want to trade, please feel free to shoot me a PM!
I know I have a clarke auto. Could have a couple others
(10-23-2011 07:38 AM)greekgoony Wrote: [ -> ]I know I have a clarke auto. Could have a couple others

Post up or PM me some scans, I'd love to make a few trades happen!

Anyway, an update to the list, I've got a Bure auto coming in, and finally got in the Yzerman auto I've been waiting for...

[Image: 10-11DominionFranchiseLegendsAutographed...zerman.jpg]

Checked Yzerman off the want list, but there's a lot more to go! Replies here, PM's or straight offers with cards that I need listed in the first post, or any of the PC wants from my signature, would be awesome, let's see them! Only got one trade in the works right now, and it's already settled. After that, I've got nothing going on, let's make some trades!
Still got a pretty big list to cut down here folks, anyone got anything for me?
Couple quick additions to the list, & removed everything I've picked up thus far. Everything in my trade bucket is up for grabs, check it out and see if we can make some trades to cut this list down before the holidays!

Wow, nobody out there has anything on this list?
Made a few new pickups, still looking for a bunch! Shoot me an offer, I've got a load of new traders from 10-11 and 11-12.
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