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nothing huge, just some stuff I think would interest people. and if ANYONE can tell me what Michael Jordan card that is, I'd appreciate it.

[Image: Scan24-1.jpg]
3 Purple refractors, 2 refractors, 3 RC's

[Image: Scan25-1.jpg]
The C.C. is a refractor sent to me by Topps for ripping me off a few years ago (got a pack of cards with 2 security tags and a dummy card.
1980 topps pete rose
1955 topps spahn
no idea what the jordan is
Check me for cc and sphan
I like the Spahn as well. Any creases?
no creases, no edge wear just minor corner wear on the spahn.
Let me know if we can work something out Smile
Go ahead Ill pass on the sphan, I sent you an open trade
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