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Now that September 15th is over and done with (at least all the tax returns I've been trying to get done that are due today) thought I'd throw up a couple scans of new stuff I've gotten the last couple weeks.

I know I have a couple open trades, and I will try to get those finished off tonight - in the meantime, if you see anything below that you like, please send an open offer. Priority as always is given to anyone who has any of my Mark Prior or Kerry Wood needs, but I can usually find something.

[Image: wrightallstarstitches.jpg]

[Image: victorino11ag.jpg]

[Image: wright07gold.jpg]

[Image: zimmermanartifacts.jpg]

[Image: utleytributebw.jpg]

[Image: mauerheroesbeige.jpg]

[Image: fletcherbowmanauto.jpg]

[Image: haguebowmanauto.jpg]

[Image: joneschipperbowmangreen.jpg]

[Image: parker11platinumgreen.jpg]

[Image: joneschipper11gold.jpg]

[Image: zimmerman11gold.jpg]

[Image: colvinplatinumgreenref.jpg]

[Image: marksplatinumauto.jpg]
open offer sent
pm me the value of the wright please
open offer sent
Have gotten back to everyone except those that wanted the Wright - got 3 or 4 in line for that.
Check me for the Mauer please.
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