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I have a 2011 Bowman Prospects Harper Auto #BP1 that I'm willing to trade. I'd love to get a really nice Edgar Martinez auto or patch card as part of the return. I'm also interested in Mariners autos/game used and some bigger RCs (Griffey, ARod, Ichiro, Big Unit) as well as graduates of Eastern Washington in the NFL and NBA (Rodney Stuckey, Taiwan Jones, Michael Roos, Jesse Chatman, Erik Meyer). Thanks for looking and feel free to send me an offer!
do you have a scan?
Here's the link to my bucket with some pics.
Man this hurts, I just hate to have you hold for something I may never get.
I appreciate that, man. I wish we could have worked something out, too. I'm still in no hurry to trade it so if things change let me know.

(09-14-2011 09:55 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Man this hurts, I just hate to have you hold for something I may never get.
please check my bucket for the harper
VERY interested. Got some Stuckey, Griffey, ARod....if you like anything let me know. I probably need to add some of the Griffey and ARod first though as I just started adding more to my Org. Any particular rookies you need from Griffey or ARod?
I've got a 2010 Bowman Chrome Dustin Ackley Orange Refractor for starters. I don't really have any other Mariner cards but I have tons of Freddie Freeman AUTOs, Tommy Hanson Autos, a Jason Heyward AUTO, Minor League Craig Kimbrels. My cards aren't organized but let me know if anything is of interest.
hi. plse ck my org. haver lotss to offer. no scans but will stand bymy trade rating. thnks. john
I would love to have it, but not much baseball cards for me. If you'd take football check me
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