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So I tried one Tin of Box whatever you want to call it of Dominion. Supposed to be 8 cards per, I got 10, and still disappointed. I have literally seen over 60 cup tins opened, and personally have never seen ONE that was what I considered a "dud". Well, this is granted the only one I opened, but it was far from what I expected, and will probably be the last I buy aside from group breaks tonight.

[Image: dominionprongerbase.jpg]

[Image: dominiongirouxbase.jpg]

[Image: dominionboedekerbase.jpg]

[Image: dominionekanenameplatepatch.jpg]

[Image: dominionpricegu.jpg]

[Image: dominiontoewsgu.jpg]

[Image: dominionvermettegu.jpg]

[Image: dominionobrienauto.jpg]

[Image: domionionpotvinauto.jpg]

[Image: dominionfowlerpatchaurc.jpg]
Too many game used, typical high-end Panini. That Fowler is really nice though. Is that the RPA /99?
Hey Nate, you know I'm in for the Price. Nice pull on the Fowler. Let's hope karma even things up for you tonight. Take care and talk soon.


(09-14-2011 02:35 PM)nuccionino Wrote: [ -> ]Too many game used, typical high-end Panini. That Fowler is really nice though. Is that the RPA /99?
I understand your frustration and agree with you but you hit a /99 rookie and I would be pleased with that. Should pay for the box(or at least close) if your going to sell it.
That was BAD and not in a good way.
So you're telling me I am gonna get 400 bucks for a Cam Fowler? Whoever this is that you think will buy it for even half that, please tell them to contact me. I mean yeah I guess it is out of /99, but still... 3 base and 3 single colored jerseys? Could have gotten the same from 2 packs of Ultimate.
At least you hit the Fowler. Thats about it lol.
(09-14-2011 03:22 PM)ronfir Wrote: [ -> ]That was BAD and not in a good way.

Really? From what little I've seen, it seems about average or above. I agree with the above comment that you could come close to breaking even with 1 card, if you're looking to sell.
If you sold everything, you may get 300 tops. I do think you could get $150 at least for Fowler. It is a nice patch.
I am not complaining or bitching, I am just saying that I think the Cup is better all around. I like the card design better, the base cards better, etc etc. These just look exactly like the Plates and Patches football, and each card has different variations with these obnoxious colors of foil which they use a lot of on the face of the cards, which also makes the cards hard to read (see the blue jackets jersey I pulled above). I am not a big fan of the brown surfboard looking thing on every card, and it makes it worse with the gold writing. And I think you guys are nuts that I would get even with that Fowler for the record Smile
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