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Had Chris from The Hobby Box open a 2011 Finest and got these 2 hits:

Titus Young patch auto refractor redemption
[Image: STuFF003.jpg]

and this guy

Michael Vick gold refractor jersey auto 03/25!!!!
[Image: STuFF0022.jpg]

also got this the other day...

Cam Newton 2011 Platinum blue refractor auto 3 color patch
[Image: StUfF001.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
That is amazing luck!
Nice!!! is the vick ft?
I can buy or trade or both for the VICK LMK
thats crazy good luck
Let me know what you need for the vick I have lots of High end FT
I am meeting a guy Thursday that has first dibs, if hes not interested or we cant come to terms then they will be available for trade or sell.
Please, I can go WAYYYY in your favor
if the Newton is for trade please check my org.
NICE! Should get some great offers for those autos
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