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I'm on vacation! Lets make some trades! I would have liked to start this Saturday night but better late than never...I'm mostly looking for mid to high end Ozzie Smith inserts & parallels (or if you have a bunch of low end I will look through and see what I need), any game used, commemorative patches, etc. and autos. I will also consider trading for other Cardinals autos or other nice Cardinal parallels, inserts, or game-used. I'm also in need of a 2011 Topps series 1 glove leather card for that silly Topps scavenger hunt thing (last card I need for it), would prefer a Cardinal. Make me some offers! Here's some scans, more in my Org of course!

[Image: auto3.gif]
[Image: auto2.gif]
[Image: auto1.gif]
[Image: update2.gif]
[Image: update1.gif]
[Image: relic1.gif][Image: usa.gif]
[Image: relic4.gif]
(The Sizemore is a dual patch)
[Image: relic3.gif]
[Image: relic2.gif]
A few fun non-auto or relics:
[Image: fun2.gif]
[Image: fun.gif]

Thanks for looking!
You didnt picture them but I could still use those Sp's from 2011 topps!!! You sent me an offer and I wrote a message back. Please check thanks
check me to see if i have anything you like and we will go from there
Please check me for the Reggie Jackson Lineage GU. Thanks and LMK!

Do you need this one?

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #56b Ozzie Smith Night SP

I also have some other Ozzies in my organize. Have a look and send me an open offer if you're interested.
Oops, I had forgot to mark a bunch of stuff for they are for trade officially. Big Grin
Open offer sent for the Michael Young and Feliz
Please check me for these:
Hellickson, Gardner, and Capanella
cmb for the michael young auto
please pm the value of the reyes dual and the youk dual
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