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Full Version: Deck McGuire
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I have just received a 2010 Bowman Draft Chrome Orange refractor autograph of Deck McGuire. Since it is orange and numbered to 25, Beckett has no price on it. How ever if anyone is interested in it, I would consider trading it for the right item. Its not listed for sale yet but could be in the right deal.
I might be interested, LMK what you would need in a trade
What is the condition? If it is mint, you can check me for it.
id love to have it. GT guy. check me.
Thanks for all the offers so far. I really don't know what kind of value to put on it. It is mint. I just received it from Topps as a redemption. It came the usual way, penny sleeve and top loader. Please send me some offers.
what are you looking for?
(09-12-2011 01:18 PM)capncush Wrote: [ -> ]what are you looking for?

I really don't know. I guess i'm just looking for something to jump out at me. I know that's not much help. Maybe an auto in the $50-60 range. A Cardinal would be nice.
sent an offer. lmk.
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