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Full Version: Anyone wanna trade?
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Looking to get some weekend trades in. Check my org. If ytou see something submit a trade offer and we'll go from there

Hey how did the wife take the news? And did you find any gems in that package?
(09-10-2011 08:46 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Hey how did the wife take the news? And did you find any gems in that package?

I posted an update on the thread. She has been quiet and to herself today. Its a big shock to her. I'm sure it'll be okay.

As for the cards: No big gems. I loved them all the Alot of the cards brought me back to the old days of buying those packs when they were in stores. There's no value but thats cool with me. I'm a tribe fan for life.

Are you a yankees fan or just collector? Let me know. "Very stupid question.haha"
I'm a huge Yankee fan!! Jeter is a huge role model for me as a player, I play ss in softball. Also I love the history and tradition of the yanks. I am a Indians fan as well decided to make Santana a pc. I've been to many many games. The company I worked for had season tix and gave them away all the time and I usually was the recipient. 12 rows up on the tribe side. But those days are gone now.
Very nice. I have a santana pc I guess trading for him is gonna be Next time we trade I'll send you some yankee stuff. I received some goods but don't like yanks. No offense. Smile
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