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Looking for Finest, Chrome, Heritage, Stadium Club and mini Jeter cards. Need lots of stuff for many different sets too, all is listed as needs and will be easy to find. If it is not yet priced, I will probably wait to trade it. Made that mistake with Ginter minis this year, lol

Ill post the newer stuff first and tag on some old on the next post.

Thanks for the look, offers or posts welcome.

[Image: wrightthrowbackpatch2011.jpg]
Valencia is 412/562
[Image: valenciaheritagechromeref562.jpg]
[Image: ichirothrowbackpatch2011.jpg]
[Image: felixthrowbackpatch2011.jpg]
1968 Topps Game Brooks Robinson
[Image: 68toppsgamebrooks.jpg]
[Image: 60YOTjeet.jpg]
[Image: sislerclothsticker.jpg]
[Image: Ozzielineagemini.jpg]
None of these have foil on the front, player collecor might want one.
Andrus, Sizemore, Japanese Rookie of the twins, Upton and Larry Walker
Chapman has foil.
[Image: NNOFLineage.jpg]
[Image: clothstickers.jpg]
[Image: Swisher1of1battix-1.jpg]
[Image: ReggieJackson01UDLegendsofNYBat.jpg]
[Image: MarkTeixeira09AGMiniFramedJsy.jpg]
[Image: LBJGoodwin-1.jpg]
[Image: 2007OvationAppareljsy.jpg]
[Image: VenditteSterlingau.jpg]
[Image: JobaTTsepiaau.jpg]
[Image: 2011RyanDiamondDieCut.jpg]
[Image: HeritageBlackBillingsley.jpg]
[Image: 2011ToppsJuanMarichalSP.jpg]
[Image: BeltranBlueref.jpg]
[Image: Feliz2010206ref.jpg]
[Image: Ibanezredref.jpg]
[Image: dicekRCSP.jpg]
[Image: UbaldoRC.jpg]
[Image: ToppschromeMatuzRC.jpg]
Interested in the Ryan Diamond Die Cut. Also, what kind of value do you have on the LeBron? Let me know, thanks!
I have some ginter sp's,i like the valencia
(09-10-2011 05:58 PM)camco2 Wrote: [ -> ]I have some ginter sp's,i like the valencia

I guess I should update my sig. I only need a few base cards from Ginter now and a bunch of those fortune and facial hair minis. I didnt really see anything I could use for Valencia, sorry. Have any more Jeters?
(09-10-2011 04:38 PM)demondukk Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Ryan Diamond Die Cut. Also, what kind of value do you have on the LeBron? Let me know, thanks!

Didnt see anything for the Ryan, pretty picky on what I will take for it.

For LBJ, I would need a pretty low numbered BASEBALL superstar auto. Pujols, Rivera, Lincecum, Ryan, Ripken and Jeter would be where to start to get my attention.
check me for the wright and ich patches
Didnt really see anything for Jeter or yankees. Closest I could get was the Ike auto. Lmk if I have anything else, thanks
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