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Full Version: autographs FS or FT
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willing to trade for football or baseball...if baseball I'm interested in Braves and Orioles mostly, but any star player interests me I just have to like the card design. Football I'm looking for autos and rookies.Bengals mostly but open to star players since our team doesn't have any :-)

[Image: Scan25.jpg]

[Image: Scan26-1.jpg]

I have a few more autos not in the scans so feel free to look through my org also, its 90% UTD
Any interest in Cal Ripken Gold refractor?
[Image: traderipkan.png]
(09-10-2011 02:30 PM)favre3mvp Wrote: [ -> ]Any interest in Cal Ripken Gold refractor?
[Image: traderipkan.png]

always interested in cal
Check my for the Musiual
check me for the Musial and Lincecum
Interested in the Musial and Lincecum-thanks
Please check me for the Musial...
Check me for the Lincecum. Have a Heyward Silk mini#/10, Cal jersey & more! Lots of football too!
Ill see if I can put an offer together
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