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I'd like to trade all of these if anyones interested. I bought one hobby box of A&G and decided its not for me. too many subsets, dont like the card design.

first scan is the minis, second scan are the SP's. I have several Hometown heros,rookies, minds, floating fortress and obviously tons of base cards. if anyones interested I'll trade every single A&G card I have for a BV trade of $25.

[Image: Scan28-1.jpg]

[Image: Scan29-1.jpg]
you need to have these loaded into the org. so you can trade them. I want to see the Hometown heroes you have.
If you can list the numbers and versions of the mini's, I'm looking to finish my sets and I'm looking to buy, can't trade for a few more weeks til I get back home. Thanks!
Depending on what you are looking for in trade, I will take them all. Send me an open offer.
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