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Looking to trade for some new Texas Rangers stuff. Right now, I'm mainly looking for an Alexi Ogando auto from 2011 Topps Chrome. So, if you've got one that you're willing to trade, then check me out.

Also looking for traded and update stuff from the 1980s to finish some team sets as well as various stuff from the 1970s to finish some of those sets. All of those needs are marked in my ORG.

After those 3 priorities, I'll look at other stuff from base, GUd, autos, refractors, parallels. My list of priorities are as follows:

1.) Alexi Ogando autos from 2011 Topps Chrome;
2.) 1980s update/rookie/traded stuff to finish sets;
3.) 1970s base cards to finish some sets;
4.) Refractors, including rookie refractors, insert refractors and base refractors;
5.) anything else I don't have.

So, let me know if you can help. I'm going to try and keep this thread going and post stuff as I get it. One of these days, I may post all my GUd and/or autos of Rangers. It's not much, but it is PC.

Anyways, help out and let's make some trades. I will even trade out of my UD Black PC if it's something I need. Thanks again.

Here are my buckets: baseball, football, UD Black.
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I have a few arod jersey cards when he was with the rangers
you can see if I added anything that you may want or need in the past few weeks
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Not even sure what buying/selling gold has to do with my want for Rangers. But please post on this thread only if you can help. Thanks.
(09-09-2011 05:54 PM)waynetalger Wrote: [ -> ]you can see if I added anything that you may want or need in the past few weeks

Thanks. I'll check and see if there's anything I can use.
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bring me some of those Rangers players
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