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Nothing too exciting at all. A lot of these have already found new homes, just thought I would share the breaks. The Young, and Pettis are all I have left. The Ridley is staying in the PC

[Image: a86d490b.jpg]

[Image: bd0874ac.jpg]

[Image: 78c33f98.jpg]

[Image: f4089678.jpg]

[Image: 6a5b747e.jpg]

[Image: 7773705f.jpg]

[Image: 6ca2fb86.jpg]

[Image: 6dfc95cb.jpg]

[Image: 86f4a60b.jpg]
Not bad. Really like the look of the Finest this year. Always nice to pull a PC card or two from your breaks!
Nice breaks, I could use the Vereen.
not bad at all
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