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I want to see how this little game goes over (just a thinly veiled excuse to see some nice stuff). We'll figure out the rules as we go along but basically:

1. Someone leads out with a non-manufactured PATCH card (that they own) of a TEAM.

2. Anyone who posts a more AWESOME swatch of the same team is "King of the Hill" until he himself is bested.

3. When one patch is too SWEET to beat, the "King" (by most votes) gets to start again with a new team. No voting for your own card.

4. If you MISS a round, post your very best card anyway, and the King of the Hill of that team may GIVE UP his crown to you at his option (e.g. the L.A. Kings round).

5. Preference is given to patches taken from the following (most to least preferred):
*Main jsy worn year-long;
*Special jsy/emblem worn some years;
*All-Star jsy;
*Minor league jsy; and finally
*Old-timers game jsy.

Kings of the Hill (click on the blue):
(pg. 1-3) Kings: ak11's Kopitar USURPS my Robitaille
(pg. 4-8) Canadiens: rcm331's Roy
(pg. 8-11) Avalanche/Nordiques: rcm331's Roy
(pg. 12-15) Blackhawks: jaykayzee's Campbell
(pg. 15-18) Sharks: jafi1972's Heatley
(pg. 18-21) Oilers: powelldu's Peca
(pg. 21-26) Red Wings: kissbootlegscanada's Osgood
(pg. 27-30) Thrashers: ak11's Kovy OT win (race) over cheatinc's Little
(pg. 30-34) Penguins: pens fan addict's Talbot
(pg. 35-37) Panthers: irbefan4life's Horton
(pg. 37-42) Flyers: jafi1972's van Riemsdyk
(pg. 42-46) Predators: my O'Reilly OT win (runoff) over dark crawler88's Tootoo & hockeyvadim's Weber/Sullivan
(pg. 46-49) Capitals: irbefan4life's Neuvirth OT win (his choice) over irbefan4life's Ovechkin
(pg. 50-55) Leafs: bimola's Sittler
(pg. 55-61) Stars/North Stars: bimola's Ciccarelli
(pg. 61-64) Flames: hockeyvadim's MacInnis OT win (accession) over mrspudhead's Kiprusoff
(pg. 64-70) Devils: hockeyvadim's Brodeur OT win (race) over avsfan193377's Stevens
(pg. 70-74) Ducks: scarrman's Giguere
(pg. 74-76) Blue Jackets: scarrman's Leclaire
(pg. 76-79) Lightning: my St. Louis
(pg. 79-82) Hurricanes/Whalers: irbefan4life's Irbe
(pg. 82-85) Senators: mrspudhead's Alfredsson
(pg. 86-88) Islanders: bimola's LaFontaine
(pg. 89-94) ***NHL ASG/Nat'l Teams: scarrman's everything...really, EVERYTHING.
(pg. 94-98) Bruins: bimola's Orr OT win (his choice) over bimola's Bourque
(pg. 99-100) Sabres: iluvladies' Miller
(pg. 100-103) Coyotes/Jets: ricebondsmntna2young's Roenick
(pg. 103-106) Wild: mnc99's Falk
(pg. 106-110) Blues: warsawknuckles467's MacInnis
(pg. 110-113) ***Special Patches: bimola's Messier
(pg. 113-118) Rangers: Tie (TBD) NHLsnipers' Jagr & androsfl's Lundqvist
(pg. 118-123) Canucks: luongo812's Hansen
(pg. 123-128) ***Best of the Rest (Top 3): jaykayzee's Turco
(pg. 128-) ?:

So since we're talking about Kings anyway...

Show Me a BETTER L.A. Kings Patch Than This Luc Robitaille:

[Image: Robitaillepatchtouched.jpg]
I dont have a Luc patch but pretty sweet
Not sure if it's as sweet since yours has two patches..

Brayden Schenn
[Image: FWPATCH1.jpg]

Luc Robitaille
[Image: PAGE5.jpg]
I'm in with this one! Spud

[Image: Art048.jpg]
(09-04-2011 05:21 PM)Canucklehead Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if it's as sweet since yours has two patches..

Sick cards man...overall, I prefer any of your Kings over mine.

But yeah I think the actual swatch in the left window of my Cool Hand Luc is sweeter. Reasonable people may disagree but we've gotta figure out a winner at the end of this anyway...

Thanks for playing!
(09-04-2011 05:31 PM)mrspudhead Wrote: [ -> ]I'm in with this one! Spud

Oooh, did I just get trumped here?
I'll also bite! My Kopitar patch:

[Image: kopitarjsypatchkings.jpg]
(09-04-2011 05:59 PM)irbefan4life Wrote: [ -> ]I'll also bite! My Kopitar patch:

Another strong contender. Maybe we'll have to put the question of the winning card to a poll...what do you think, no voting for your own card?
(09-04-2011 05:59 PM)irbefan4life Wrote: [ -> ]I'll also bite! My Kopitar patch:
Definitely a great patch to bite with! Spud
Sick patches
I'll vote for irbefan4life. Spud
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