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Full Version: Lots for Trade!
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Just finished going through and updating my Organize and I have put up lots for trade.

I am looking for Toronto Blue Jays cards and Aroldis Chapman.

Here are a few scans of cards for trade, check my organize for more. If anyone wants a scan of something just give me a shout.

The Leake is numbered 142/199, the Mantle and Pujols are both refractors. The yellowish tint on the Mantle is from the top loader.

[Image: scanfh.jpg]
[Image: scan2v.jpg]
[Image: scan3z.jpg]
check me for the straus and pujols
check me for the shelby miller
open offer sent for the murphy BTL
like the pujols
Please check me for the Shelby Miller. Thanks and LMK!

Please check me for the Hudson and Parra autos! Thanks!
Check me for Longoria.
I'd love a shot at the Miller as well.
The David Murphy and Shelby Miller cards have been traded, thanks everyone for their interest.

Everyone else who is interested in the others, I will check out what you have later on this evening.
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