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I'm going to have to cut back to keep collecting. I don't want to give up my Uggla collection, but desperate times..........

I'm looking for Don Mattingly stuff I don't have and if you have them and are looking to collect Uggla, you may be in luck. Will consider trading Uggla for Mattingly... will also consider cash. LMK.

[Image: 100_2561B.jpg]
[Image: 100_2565.jpg]
[Image: 100_2569.jpg]
[Image: 100_2582.jpg]
[Image: 100_2589.jpg]
[Image: 100_2591.jpg]
[Image: 100_2592.jpg]
[Image: 100_2623.jpg]
[Image: 100_2630.jpg]
...continued next post...
[Image: 100_2637.jpg]
[Image: 100_2639.jpg]
[Image: 100_2642.jpg]
[Image: 100_2644.jpg]
[Image: 100_2648.jpg]
[Image: 100_2662.jpg]
I have 10 of these. (Out of 35)
[Image: 100_2652.jpg]
I have 5 of the UGMS not 10.
Have this but dont need uggla... Plmk if you are interested in buying.

[Image: scan0069.jpg]
Nope, don't have it, but I also don't have any money... example (this thread).
dont have mattingly but lots of yankies autos and gu. jeter auto in there too.
you have any 2011 ugglas? im only collecting him in a braves uni...
Only interested in Mattingly.

Nope sorry.
last attempt before post season.
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