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Some new pickups FT:
[Image: boxbreak.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0009.jpg][Image: Scan_Pic0011.jpg]
Check me for the Mason Williams
Can use the mason Williams...bucket link
Trade list

08 bowman prospect chrome ref. #351/500 Austin Jackson auto slabbed 9mint 10auto
08 ud ref.205/275 Pedro Alvarez USA auto
07 goudey sports royalty Hanley Ramirez auto
05 topps opening day Felix Hernandez auto
08 baseball heroes ref.9/10 Hanley Ramirez auto/fabric
07 topps turkey red Hanley Ramirez auto
03 topps b.j. Upton auto
09 sp authentic btl Dexter Fowler auto error P
08 razor Pedro Alvarez auto
07 topps triple treads ref.21/25 Ryan Zimmerman auto/relic
09 Allen & Ginter's Hanley Ramirez auto
09 Goodwin champions Josh Johnson auto
07 topps triple tread ref.12/18 Miguel Carbrera auto/patch
06 sp authentic btl ref.27/125 Hanley Ramirez auto A
09 sp authentic btl ref.34/50 Matt Cain auto C
07 ud ultimate ref.5/60 Carl Crawford auto
07 bowman's best Chris Coghlan auto
07 ud sp edition Billy butler auto
05 bowman sterling jay Bruce auto/fabric
08 topps finest Prince Fielder finest moment auto
Basketball autos
07 topps echelon ref.4/10 Ben Gordon auto
07 Allen & Ginter's ref.76/100 Greg Oden auto
07 topps echelon ref.12/50 Marco belinelli auto/patch
84 topps rookie Don Mattingly..
Let's trade!!!!
Check me for those reg bowman chrome autos..
Check me for the auto's
check me for the harper and the stras
Check me for the Haper as well please
check me for dillon gees plz
(09-02-2011 06:59 PM)kct1 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for those reg bowman chrome autos..

Didn't see any auto's I could use for them. Do you have any Angels rc's not listed?
(09-02-2011 07:00 PM)Youngsgirl10 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the auto's

Sorry, didn't see anything I could use at the moment. Looking for Angels RC's and autos.
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