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Went ahead and blew about $80 on wax. Mix of hobby and retail Platinum, along with a few packs of A&G and a couple packs of Bowman.
[Image: break0001-1.jpg]
[Image: break0002.jpg]
[Image: break0001.jpg]
[Image: break0003.jpg]
To be honest, this reminded me why I don't do that anymore. I think I'll stick to buying singles.
lmk about the monk seal mini. willing to buy
im interested in all the Platinum Parallels and X-Fractors, as well as the Freddie Freemans......check me
I think Topps is really penny pinching it this year. Why don't they produce a Toto set next?
If hits make or break your purchase don't buy retail...or ginter...Except Platinum, seems like the autos are way more frequent than the pack odds state.
Nice wimmers
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