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It's been a crappy week, so to cheer myself up I picked up some wax to bust. Due to the flooding around here, i've had to take some diff ways to and from work. I passed collectibles shop I never heard of and checked it out. I walk in to find literally 50 people sitting at tables playin all different card games, from D&D to Magic. It was some scene, however they did have a small area w/ sports cards. Not much new stuff and crazy prices($140 for 2011 for a ser 2 jumbo box!), anyways I noticed an open A&G box w/ only 2 packs missing. Price? 5.99 a pack! I asked if he could do the 22 packs for hundo, he said 110($5/pack), I took it, I had the itch. So after tax, $118 for 22 packs, I was sure one of the hits were gone, hopefully not 2. I also noticed a KMart I've never been to and had a KM gift card I've had burnin a hole in my wallet(my KMart blows). They had a decent card section and i went to town. All together picked up $235 worth of cards, with my giftcard and 10% off, $112 spent.

The retail haul(baseball) - 3 2011 topps ser 2 racks, 2 Lineage blasters and 2 rack packs, 1 2011 bowman plat retail box(16 packs) and 3 rack packs, 11 2010 UD loose packs for $1.50, 2 2011 A&G blasters and 3 racks, and finally 3 2011 bowman rack packs I couldn't beliieve they still had.

Here's the best hits:
2011 Topps Ser 2:
M. Pineda Gold RC #/2011
Mattingly Kimball mini
A. Dawson #375 SP
E. Andrus Sparkle!

2011 Lineage:
Minis: H. Aaron, M. Pineda RC
2011 Rookies Subset: B. Belt, B. Beachy
3D: R. Braun
Stickers: R. Howard, B. Ruth
Diamond Anniv. Parallel: C. Ripken Jr, A. Chapman RC
Mini Relics:
Eddie Murray
B. Posey

2010 Upper Deck:
Gold Parallel #/99: C. Moeller,
B. Posey RC!

2011 Bowman Plat.:
Purple Ref: M. Machado, J. Taillon, B. Harper!
Blue Prospect Ref: Dee Gordon 182/199
Auto: M. Machado Blue Ref Auto Redemption!

2011 Allen& Ginter Retail:
M. Pineda A&G Back RC
B. Beachy Black RC
Flora of the World - Shirley Poppy
Fortunes for the Taking SSP - The Beale Ciphers

Framed Relics:
Sanya Richards
Ana Julaton

2011 Bowman:
B. Harper Blue Border Parallel - BP1 177/500!!!

2011 A&G Hobby:
Ginter Code Decoder?
J. Hellickson RC
Royal Wedding Black
M. Mantle Black
Ozzie Martinez No Number on Back RC
Fabulous Face Flocculence SSP - The Closer

Framed Relic:
Kyle Petty(4 color!)
Guy Fieri

Rip Card!
Starlin Castro #/99

An awesome break! I guess you could say its not over, still a decision to make . . I'm thinkin rip. Its only numbered to 99; may as well take a shot. Thanks for reading!
Wow....You got something cool in every single product you opened....Nice! I bet that cheered you up!
Nice! let us know what you pull from the rip card.
You must have been real itchy... you can get sealed boxes on Blowout for 72 dollars!!!!!!!
You really scored on those Bowman cards. A&G really sucks IMO.
(09-02-2011 02:52 PM)natejeffries Wrote: [ -> ]You really scored on those Bowman cards. A&G really sucks IMO.

definitely agree bro. not a fan... not sure what the hype is all about.
Wow great stuff!
I'd love that Brian Wilson if it's for trade!
(09-02-2011 02:52 PM)natejeffries Wrote: [ -> ]You really scored on those Bowman cards. A&G really sucks IMO.

It's all a matter of taste... I really don't like that Bowman Platinum product. It's garbage.
Wow. A lot of nice pulls in there. Congrats!!
So got back from work a little whie ago, made some dinner, ate and watched tv. But I couldn't relax until I ripped that card, lol. So I ripped it and . . . . .

A Carlos Ruiz Wood Parallel!

Can't find my phone but i'll get a pic up asap

Thanks for lookin!
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