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Full Version: Yzerman surprize!
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just adding about 120 commons of Detroit redwings...and then boom...surprize...slap my grandma!

happy day!
Is the whole card foil? The regular version looks the same with the GD logo, etc.
If it's actually the parallel, awesome diamond in the rough for sure!!! for setting me straight, and bursting my balloon! it is not foil...on my computer I could not see the silver foil, just that it showed the game dated....krud....never mind lol!
just foil on the lettering
Yea, common mistake and definately hard to determine via scans, haha.
Saves you trading it away and having a dispute anyway, lol!
I have also heard they are a different card stock too but I have never seen one myself.
Wish I had some Penguins GD parallels, haha!!! Can't find em anywhere!
do they even exist...someoe should scan one and post it here so we can see one for real....
I have anothe Yzerman insert I am adding.

It is the 10 dollar card I am sure, because it has no serial numbering on the card, there is a red version of this card and this card is red on front and back...maybe the red color is supposed to be the gold letterig becomes red on the high end version. The only reason is because back then I have a Gold Yzerman that has no serial numbering, it just says GOLD on bac, and in beckett it says tht is numbered to 10 even though there is no numbering on card, just the word GOLD on back. so anyways this red colore rd is probably the 10 buck card, but if not let me know. Brian
here is the other link to ghigher end card
Yes they do exist and a few members had posted them on the last version of the site. Rare to come by, hence the increase in value!
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