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First on the boards, woo! Will scan pics here shortly and get them up... it was GOOD! No booklet though Sad
Great!!! Can't wait to see the scans!!!
You know my first question. Any Habs??? I'm almost as excited as if I opened it myself lol . . .

(08-31-2011 12:35 PM)pens1fan Wrote: [ -> ]Great!!! Can't wait to see the scans!!!
Why do you collect wings Haha. Let's just say he did amazing.
I can't wait to see them!!!
hmm... my first question is always... any sweet ninos
Ok, first we go with the base, since I KNOW that's what everyone wants to see Smile

[Image: cup10-11orrbase.jpg]
[Image: cup10-11hejdukbase.jpg]
[Image: cup10-11francisbase.jpg]
[Image: cup10-11basegiguere.jpg]
[Image: cup10-11weberbase.jpg]
Nice Hull! Keep it coming!
thats all the hits, just base sorry
Solid base selection, Hull, Orr, Francis, not bad.
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