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Just about to open these up, a little going-away present for myself....
[Image: DSCN0005.jpg]
Posting results soon as I'm done.....
Ugh what a kick in the crotch, absolutely nothing of interest, not even gonna bother taking pics.
Sorry, I'm distracted by the xbox and what looks like mw2. lol
I play as well. Can't wait for mlb 2k12
Did you happen to get any Animals in Peril cards?
Still ripping ginter as well? lol. Good luck!!!
Is that Xbox for trade? LOL.
Good Luck
GO PETE!!! Good luck!
(09-07-2011 12:00 PM)cheetos Wrote: [ -> ]GO PETE!!! Good luck!
I didn't post any results because quite frankly there weren't any Sad I got a handful for my sets and nothing of any rarity, it was alas a waste of $60
No worries, I know the feeling Sad
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