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I have not traded in quite a while after one bad experience,but I am back and ready to go. I have no problem shipping first so don't hesitate to ask. I am looking for David Christensen Auto's and refractors, Elster inserts, Al Rosen and Tulo, but will look at anything. If I am trading my vintage it would be for my wants or other vintage. Send me any kind of offer, and if it is not in the Org let me know, it has been funny lately. Thanks!
[Image: vintage-1.jpg][Image: vintage2.jpg][Image: ehibit.jpg][Image: vintagenauto.jpg][Image: twins001.jpg][Image: graded2.jpg][Image: Auto.jpg][Image: Auto23-1.jpg][Image: GU21-1.jpg][Image: GU.jpg][Image: GU21.jpg][Image: Auto2.jpg][Image: Tulonstuff.jpg][Image: purple.jpg][Image: platinum.jpg][Image: misc1.jpg][Image: minors.jpg][Image: misc2.jpg][Image: Giants.jpg][Image: 2011bow2.jpg][Image: 2011bow.jpg]
Check me for Felix or Ackley.
I will try to get these sideways scans fixed.
check me for the mantle..thxs. tom
never to many scans..
Check me for the tulo rookies
check me for both Teherans
Check me for the Chris Young Piedmont autograph... thanks!
open offer sent. lmk thanks alot
check me for the teherans, the minor, the zimmerman bat, the gyorko, and the ackley. thanks!
Check me for the Teherans, Minor and Kemp.

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