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Looking for the following in 2 colors. Let me know what you have. MUST BE AT LEAST 2 COLORS. I am in process of adding more to my organize at the moment.

DT-AL Anders Lindback
DT-BS Brayden Schenn
DT-BU Alexander Burmistrov
DT-CA Cody Almond
DT-CF Cam Fowler
DT-DS Derek Stepan
DT-EG Evgeny Grachev
DT-ET Eric Tangradi
DT-EW Eric Wellwood
DT-HK Henrik Karlsson
DT-IC Ian Cole
DT-JC Jared Cowen
DT-JE Jordan Eberle
DT-JF Justin Falk
DT-JJ Jacob Josefson
DT-JO Jordan Caron
DT-JS Jeff Skinner
DT-KC Kyle Clifford
DT-KS Kevin Shattenkirk
DT-LK Luke Adam
DT-MC Jamie McBain
DT-MJ Marcus Johansson
DT-MN Maxim Noreau
DT-MS Marco Scandella
DT-NJ Nick Johnson
DT-NK Nazem Kadri
DT-NL Nick Leddy
DT-NP Nick Palmieri
DT-OE Oliver Ekman-Larsson
DT-PS P.K. Subban
DT-SB Sergei Bobrovsky
DT-TH Taylor Hall
DT-TS Tyler Seguin
DT-ZD Zac Dalpe
DT-ZH Zach Hamill

DT-BP Brandon Pirri
DT-BY Brandon Yip
DT-CC Colby Cohen
DT-DT Dustin Tokarski
DT-MP Magnus Paajarvi
DT-MT Mattias Tedenby
DT-NN Nino Niederreiter
DT-NS Nick Spaling
DT-PL Alex Plante
DT-TB T.J. Brodie
DT-TY Dana Tyrell

In Hand
DT-LA Philip Larsen
DT-MO Mark Olver
Just sent your offer back, but before you accept/decline, I've got one of these as well, Brandon Pirri, 3 color...

[Image: 10-11UltimateDebutThreadsPatch-BrandonPirri.jpg]

Also, I pulled a Marcus Johansson Ultimate Debut Threads jersey as well, if you need that one...

[Image: 10-11UltimateDebutThreads-MarcusJohansson.jpg]
Thanks for the help! Cross Pirri off the list!
Updated for Nino incoming.
I have

Kevin Shattenkirk - 3 Color.
And I feel like I have another. I'll have to check when i get home.
(08-29-2011 04:00 PM)GervDaddy Wrote: [ -> ]I have

Kevin Shattenkirk - 3 Color.
And I feel like I have another. I'll have to check when i get home.

Very Interested. Let me know. I'm sure we can work something out. Scans via a PM would be nice!! Thanks!
Gotta have some of these laying around with the cup just coming out....
Anyone else? I have a Buddy doing this set and he is Buying if anyone has these.....
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