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So my 20th birthday was last Sunday (the 21st) and I used the money I got from my family to buy some boxes of cards (I dipped into my own bank account a little too). I was going to have my parents get me a box or too as well but instead I got to go to the Taylor Swift concert at the Linc on August 6th (which was absolutely incredible). I'll have to upload some pics/vids of it at some point.

Back to the breaks. Here's the rundown (sorry no scans just yet):

2 packs of 09-10 BAP (from my cousin):
Logan Couture Meet the Rookies #MR8 425/499
Shawn Thornton Auto #S-TH
Maxime Talbot Auto #S-MT

6 packs of 06-07 SPA:
Niklas Nordgren SOTT (from 05-06 SPA) #NN
Darcy Tucker Chirography #DT 34/75

2 packs of 08-09 H&P (free gift from DAcardworld):
Jyri Niemi Auto #A-JNI
Sergei Kostitsyn/Alex Pante Prospect Combos Silver (/60) #PC-09

1 Hobby Box of 10-11 H&P (from my girlfriend):
Francois Bouchard Calder Cup Champions #CC-07
Jim Anderson 75th Anniversary #AHLA-14
Eddie Shore 100 Years of Collecting
Michael Bournival Jumbo Jersey Black (/100) #JM-15
Cody Eakin Jumbo Jersey Silver (/30) #JM-04
Jimmy Bubnick Auto #A-JBU
Tyler Bunz Auto #A-TB
David Desharnais Auto #A-DD

3 Boxes of Ultimate:
Eric Staal Base #9 185/399
Paul Stastny Base #17 020/399
MA Fleury Base #44 264/399
Nikita Nikitin RC #99 309/399
Jeremy Morin RC #68 301/399
Steven Stamkos Premium Swatches JSY #P-SS 07/35
Martin Brodeur/Patrick Roy/Carey Price Ultimate Trios JSY #UTJ-6 24/25
Sergei Bobrovsky Debut Threads PATCH #DT-SB 27/35
Zach Hamill Ultimate Signatures #US-ZH
Jamie McBain AU RC #107 128/299
Jordan Caron AU RC #104 038/299
P.K. Subban Debut Threads JSY AU #SDT-PS 04/50

Some notes...

- Very pleased with the Subban pull. The guy has been following me around this year (thank god). I pulled his FW AU, SOTT, YG, Victory RC, Score RC, Donruss RC, etc.

- Out of all the packs I have gotten of 08/09 H&P as a free gift, I have never pulled anything more than an insert. Leave it to my girlfriend to get the packs with an auto and GU in them. Plus the box of H&P had 3 autos instead of the 2 that you are supposed to get.

- The Caron AU RC is and eBay 1/1. His jersey number is 38 lol

- Only one PC item, the Bobrovsky Patch is NFT. The rest are FT and already in more org.

Thanks for the look,

Where is the Burmistrov Ultimate!? haha. Those breaks were great. Ultimate had many awesome cards, congrats.
Very nice birthday break. Interested in the Hamill and Caron. Let me know if we can work something out.
stamkos ultimate excites me but not sure if i have anything you need
great b day break

i am looking forward to seeing your scans of it later!!!
Nice break happy birthday intrested in this
Steven Stamkos Premium Swatches JSY #P-SS 07/35
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