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EDIT 8/30- New scan is my own b/c it finally arrived!

As many of you know, I won a $50 Gift Certificate for the Marketplace in the July Customer Appreciation Month Giveaway. I have been looking around for about a month. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything I'd kick myself for later. Apparently, patience really didn't matter THIS time. I just ordered what was my favorite thing from the first day of searching (before I even got the GC code). I searched for everyone I collect from NFL, NASCAR, and MLB. Here is what I ordered:

2006 LCM Mirror Gold Materials Autograph of DeAngelo Williams #'d 16/25

[Image: 06LCMDWill.jpg]

I have been wanting a DWill AU'd card to go with my AU'd 8x10 of him for a LONG time. With this, I not only got the AU'd card, but also get to add my 1st DWill--Shoe card, football card, and Helmet card. A 3-color helmet piece to top it off. I am just really happy with the AU/3-clr helmet part of this card. It only ended up costing me $6!!! What do you all think?
nice !!!!!!!
For entering a contest and $6, you did great! Congrats. We'll all be waiting to see it next to the 8x10 later!
saaaweeet pickup, congrats
Thanks guys! I have LITERALLY been looking at this card for a month. It took a LOT of patience (that I normally don't have) to not buy it immediately. I finally decided to buy it today b/c nothing new showed up that could beat it. I fully intended to spend the whole GC on one card from the moment I found out I won. But, I just had to see what else may show up.
Gonzo, I will make sure to get a pic of the 2 together and post it.
Very solid choice you made there. Congrats on the sweet addition!
I am in awe of this card. Its amazing to me to see a patch card, much less one with a piece of 4 different materials. This is a card i personally would not ever let go just because of its unique design. Well worth the patience.
Its an awesome pick-up! Congrats Big Grin
That is one nasty card Big Grin Congrats on the sweet PC pickup!!
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