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Somebody's been doing their homework! Very nice....
That Hornung/Bradshaw dual auto gu is the ugliest and most beautiful card I have ever seen. Sweet pickups.
(08-22-2011 12:48 AM)Marinoisking Wrote: [ -> ]ahh I feel did it get permanently locked?

I knew the rule was changing that if you dont subscribe to the price guides u cant access the Organize but thought they were going to delete it's contents, and then I was just going to run with the 100 max that's allowed for free. But I guess I was suppose to do that on my end, and now I can't get passed the "You must subscribe" screen.

So not locked, as soon as I want to pay. But I so rarely used the organize that I can't justify the cost.
oh ok....I used to just run with the 100 myself but decided to just get the OPG
that sucks that u cant get into it tho
it might not really be worth it for you to buy just the opg, it looks like you have a lot of cards that are numbered so low that the opg couldn't be counted on to find a price.
WoW Man! Great Pick-ups Big Grin
Wow! That is some VERY nice stuff!
Thanks for all the nice comments, going to post my baseball efforts shortly in that forum.
Sick additions, aside from those auto's from Denver's 3rd string QB! Try to trade those for some Rivers auto's. Big Grin
I keep a collection of the 30 top rushing leaders of all time. I collect their "best" RC and either buy it graded or have it graded. These are displayed in a case in my game room so I am always trying to upgrade these cards with higher graded cards.

I have a decent Jim Brown collection and continue looking to increase/improve it.

Finally I try to buy the skilled players RCs and get them graded or buy them graded.

I really don't buy the wax anymore just because I accumulated too many cards. I have sold most of my cards over the last few years and concentrate on graded cards I like of the skilled players. I prefer the older cards say pre-1990 when you had basically Topps.

I only collect football cards.
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