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So I was going through all LT cards and I found this one which I would really love to get.

My question is, are there any other sites anybody has used to look at for cards besides ebay and checkoutmycards? Thanks guys for the opinions on sites and help!
nope, unless you wanna spend a lot and go with Beckett Marketplace. Best deals for sale are those 2 sites, and for trade there are other forums people trade.
I also use as well as ebay & checkoutmycards, sportlots has a lot of base, lower level parallels & inserts. Good for old school collectors
dcssportcards, dacardworld and cardsinfinity are all perty good but other then that i dont know of any good reputable choices myself. Also you can try checking with each team, like for instance dallas has a page just for dallas cowboys collectors and its players that has alot of the greats and stuff listed there. or bidstart, but bidstart is a newer site and there isn't a ton on there yet. You could also google the card, I have done that before and found a couple i was looking for.
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