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Full Version: #1 of 20,000
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Just found a Greg Hill 1996 Collectors Edge President's Reserve stamped 1 of 20,000. Of all the cards I have I think this might be the coolest one. Only one #1 right?
It was packed away nicely in a computer paper box in my attic with thousands of other cards. I'm not a HUGE collector so this is pretty freakin cool to me! Who ever's got #2 sorry... you now know #1 is out there! Smile
Sorry I think they all may be stamped 1 of 20,000 they use to do that back in the day.
hi -sorry, I have the same card I believe (and several other players). They are all stamped that way
Yeah it just means it is one out of twenty thousand. It's not a serial number
Yep, I've got a couple myself. btw, I would be interested in any Niners you might find in the box Smile
Wha, Wha Whaaaaaaa. lol
(08-21-2011 01:50 PM)eazy e Wrote: [ -> ]Wha, Wha Whaaaaaaa. lol

lol you're mean Smile
(08-21-2011 09:14 PM)deuce6000 Wrote: [ -> ]lol you're mean Smile

LOL, my bad. Iv'e been there before...
Ouch that hurt. Put it in a screw top holder for safe keepin and everything. Oh well..
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