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Hit a yard sale last weekend. Had 4 shoeboxes for $10 each. First one I open is full of Nolan Ryan cards. I figure early 80's through mid 2000's. Grabbed that puppy. 2 of them a bunch of commons. Last one a bunch of star names, and some cards in top loaders. I have scanned the best of the bunch, but have added several hundred cards to a folder Yard Sale 8-13-11. All are for trade.

Hank Aaron 1974 Topps Beautiful card, slightly off top to bottom

[Image: Image.jpg]

2 Nolan Ryan 1974 Topps cards. You can see the condition.

[Image: Image-1.jpg]

4 Nolan Ryan 1975 Topps cards. Worst ones of the group.

[Image: Image-2.jpg]

2 Nolan Ryan 1977 Topps cards.

[Image: Image-3.jpg]

3 Nolan Ryan 1978 Topps cards. The Record Breaker is in great condition.

[Image: Image-4.jpg]
I go almost every weekend and never hit these lucky sales.
(08-20-2011 09:26 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]I go almost every weekend and never hit these lucky sales.

I have had some incredible luck. But strike out a bunch also.

Another yard sale today had an office size garbage bucket full of cards. Almost every card had water damage and mildew. Cards from the 60's and 70's both baseball and football. Lots of big names. But too damaged to do anything with. And he wanted $100 for the lot.

There are several Craigslist ads posted I am after. They all ask for $100 to $250. And it is usually late 80's to early 90's. But every once in a while, SCORE!!!

Another site to hit is I have found cards on there for sale.

Just keep after it, you will hit your jackpot.
I need to get out there!
I hit a craigslist ad a few months back. I was told binders full of cards and boxes as well. They said dating back to the 60s. I got there (35 minute drive) and they said the 60s hadn't been dug out of storage yet. The binders were garbage from the massively overproduced years we all love but one had 3 Griffey RCs and the guy wanted $2. I took the one. It wasn't great but well worth $2. It also had a ton of Bo Jackson cards that my kids loved.
The rest of the story on the yard sale I bought 2 boxes from. We started talking about the Red Sox and he says I have something to show you. Brings me in his house to his man cave. Walls covered with autographs. Red Sox cap auto'ed by Ted Williams. Yankees cap auto'ed by Mickey Mantle. Had special made plastic display cases that looked incredible sitting on the wall. Had a Mantle/Williams auto 8x10. An Ernie Banks 8x10 and a Yogi Berra 8x10 both autographed. A Cal Ripken Litho signed by Cal. A bunch of Braves 8x10 auto's. The crown jewel was a Cal Ripken Game Worn Jersey autographed with an inscription about his streak of consecutive games played. The framing alone was $300 and the lady who did it did an awesome job. Shows me the highlights of his card collection, in a metal lockbox. 4 Namath rookie cards, Mantle cards from 1954 to 1962. Some of them were in great shape. And an assortment of other star cards from the 50's and 60's. No Ted Williams though. I was in awe of what he had.

I also can't believe somebody brings a stranger in their house to show off that stuff. I wanted to take pictures, but did not feel it was appropriate to ask.
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