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Will update with a few photos and info later, as I'm exhausted as all, but wanted to inform my fellow Beckett friends of my MIA status for the past week
Wow hope your trip was great Smile Can't wait to see your pics Big Grin
hope you had a great time buddy
Wow I bet that was a great place to see.
I did have a great time...each day was packed with things to do, and will have to pick out a couple of nice photos to put up here since I don't wanna put up all 1000+ lol.

As an appetizer, went to the main monuments, as well as Mont St. Michel, Versailles Palace, and Normandy (D-Day tour)
Welcome back buddy glad you had a good time and uhhh i got your surprise package. thank you not sure how or where or even who Doug is but thank you
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