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[Image: Toppsrisingrookies2011august20.jpg]

[Image: Toppsrisingrookies2011august20-2.jpg]

[Image: prestigerookiesandstars2011august201.jpg]

[Image: prestigerookiesandstars2011august202.jpg]

Any idea what that Drew Brees might be worth?
nice Hernandez auto
Dang you've been busting boxes all weekend. Im not sure about the brees but if the Mnning and the Mccoy ever become available plmk. I need them for a pc.
I need all 3 of those Longevity patches. Check my bucket and PM me!
I've been working off a very large amount of store credit due to me getting rid of my basketball collection. So yeah, I've been busy to say the least. lol

@Berman - I looked at your bucket unfortunately nothing caught my eye.
@chargers - Just trying to get my hands on the stuff in my sig.
PM with some prices...if theirs nothing you want to trade for?
any blount parallels from R&S?
would you trade the statistical standout redemption?
I've got a few bears in the bucket, nothing major, only 1 current, a Forte jsy /250, the rest are Mark Bradley jsy, A-Train fb, and a Curtis Conway auto...AND a very special Cade McNown dual jsy
if FT, i'd be interested in both Niles Paul's
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