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Full Version: CHECK THIS OUT
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This has to be the base version that was later autographed? The auto version Books for 5x's this much and has sold for 4x's as much. What do you think it is?
i think cause its just authenticated that is prolly an IP or TTM auto....just my guess tho
IP auto love that Blade always gets his man banner
yeppers - if i'm not mistaken the backs have the 'congratulations.....' tag.
yup, just a auto'd base card. the 97 set had base and auto versions, the backs are different but the fronts are same.
I dont trust PSA/JSA one bit
(08-20-2011 08:32 PM)georgehenrycollector Wrote: [ -> ]IP auto love that Blade always gets his man banner

LOL, "always gets his man" thats a great name for it :-) Thanks
That's a real set I had i think 23 of those at one time loved the look on them
Oh ok thats what I thought....I have to admit that when I saw it All I saw were dollar signs and opportunity :-) Thanks yall
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