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bay Smile

both myself an jr have been looking outside of the box lately and here's some recent stuff we've picked up Smile

this series are 2001 Topps Chrome refractor "Proofs" .....

[Image: 100_4281.jpg]
[Image: 100_4283.jpg]
[Image: 100_4282.jpg]
[Image: 100_4284.jpg]

and something not FB related but one we couldn't pass up Smile

[Image: 100_4288.jpg]

thanks for looking Smile
pbean and pbeanjr
Nice stuff!!! The playing card is definately different...
WOW you and Jr definitely scored Smile Those Warners are gorgeous and in his Rams uni to boot, congrats!!!
Love the Chrome cards Pbean!!
Those are beautiful.....sigh Smile
Nice stuff! Love pre-war cards!
WOW!! Love that Sam Gray! That's a helluva find!!
thanks everyone Smile yeh, when we saw the Gray we just couldn't pass it up Smile
Great looking stuff. Love the proofs. So I have to ask what are you going to use to protect them? Im trying to figure out how to protect mine as well. And being that they are too long for a regular Top loader Figured why not ask you. Hopefully you have some ideas
nice pickups!
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