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Allen & Ginter was not good to me this year. I'm treating Ginter like an ex-girlfriend. It's time to get rid of the stuff that reminds me of her. I know lots of people on here are collecting Ginter, so here you go! All my remaining Ginter is in my organize (except for the Cardinals that I just can't get rid of). I would love to sell to make a few bucks back, but will also trade for Ozzie Smith I might need. There's no sell price on most of it, if you wish to buy just pm an offer. Some have a sell price but they're pretty much just if you buy only a couple. The more you take off my hands, the lower I'll go. If you want to trade, make an offer. I'm pretty much just interested in Ozzie at the moment but if you want a bunch of my ginter I will trade for some nice Cardinals stuff as well. I have 3 relics: Justin Morneau, Josh Beckett, John Lackey. Lets have some Ginter breakup offers!
i'll trade for the relics see if i have anything
check me for the mournue relic
Sorry the relics are now traded! Anyone need minis/inserts/base?
you can check me for all the players in my sig
I still need the Cano mini, mini black and the Code card... did not see then listed however offer sent on another card....
Anyone else need any ginter? I have minis, base, inserts...I know there's people collecting this stuff. I'll sell for half book value! Or I'll trade for Ozzie Smith I need.
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