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[Image: Rookiesandstarsnonhits2011August19.jpg]

[Image: Rookiesandstarspatches2011august19.jpg]

[Image: Rookiesandstarspatchesandautos2011august19.jpg]

[Image: Toppsrisingrookies2011box3august19.jpg]

[Image: Toppsrisingrookies2011box4august19.jpg]
Holy crap Allen Bailey 2 Jon baldwins and a Justin Houston WTF
That Cecil Shorts red ink is filthy
Look at me for Hankerson and Niles Paul
If they are ft cmb for the ridley and the locker please
sweet patches
let me know on the locker please. i have some nicer stuff
I'll take a shot at the Locker
nice pulls!
Nice break....the two Pettis cards are awesome!
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