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Got these over the last few weeks.

[Image: scan0004-2.jpg]
Big chunk of R&S still need retail gold and /25

[Image: scan0005-1.jpg]
Also have base,/25,and a PP 1/1 on the way so only missing the other plates.

And the dream card

[Image: scan0006-1.jpg]
Glad to finally have this one in the collection.Nice that its on card and also features two of the greatest fullbacks ever.

Thanks for lookin everyone.
youre as far with your R & S rainbow as i am with my blount
Nice quad auto !!! Congrats
Wow, sweet quad auto there Bud!!!
Congrats bud! Thanks (I think it was from you...) for the cards I got in the other day too! Big Grin Sick quad!
very nice quad. congrats
Thanks guys and gal,i love the quad and have been looking for one ever since i started collecting a few years ago.

Rogue655 if you find anybody that has a bunch of retail golds lmk if they have any of the Hillis cards.Good luck with your rainbow.

EJ hope ya like the package bud.
that is great man!!
I only have one Hillis auto but I love it!!
Hope he has another amazing year and avoids the Madden curse haha
nice Smile
Sweet quad !!! Good to see your still going strong.
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