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Full Version: Hobby or Addiction?
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For me, wax busting = addiction. PC collecting = mild OCD. I call it "cardboard crack." How ironic is it that the good cards are referred to as "hits"? But yeah, I also call it a hobby. :-)
I have come down from addict to Hobby.

I used to buy worthless retail boxes thinking I would pull something. Every time i bust open the retail pack/bust.... I would feel so stupid...fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me..

Now, I have a "card budget" and use only that for cards.

Watch this short 2 minute video for a good laugh...
I feel like it's both to me. Love the hobby and building my PCs BUT I have been an addict of late. That gotta get some cards feeling is overwhelming and very addicting.
(08-19-2011 11:19 PM)gobills2010 Wrote: [ -> ]I am always on the brink of addiction. I find myself binging on Ebay and at LCS, then abruptly stopping to try and keep myself in check.

Ewwww....this is me, just replace LCS(thankfully? I don't have one) with COMC. I have a cc linked to paypal...amazing how quickly even little purchases add up.
I think I qualify as a little of both. I enjoy all aspects of this great hobby. I enjoy the the chase of getting a key card for my pc, the thrill of opening a box & hopeing for that big pull (not so much ne more tho. Not excited with new panini & ud only products), the excitement of adding a new card to the pc and the relief of finding a white whale after weeks/months/years of searching!

On the other hand, since I dont really care for the panini/UD market & all the rookie heavy crap being shoved down my throat, I now concentrate waaaay more on buying singles for my pc. And I actually prefer it this way! Its like an addiction.... when I get/buy/win one card, Im IMMEADIATELY on the hunt to add more, and more, and more, and more ......... Its jus a vicious cycle!! LOL
I become a addict around this time every year for a month or two when football season is starting. Then it becomes a hobby the rest of the year.
I used to call it a hobby, but now I'm working 45+ hours and have little to no time to go to my local card shows and less time to come on here.
hobby, definatly hobby. well, no its addiction. no way its my hobby! uh oh, can i be addicted to my hobby?!?!
very close to being an addiction for me.....When I get paid or get money....The first thing I do is ask myself if I should bust wax or buy singles.....I dont think about saving it (unless I am saving up for an expensive break or expensive single) or think about my other options....its going to be spent on cards.

Better than blowing it on clothing and things like that. I would consider cards a much better investment than things like that but I don't really see it as an investment(most of the time) It is just what I enjoy doing.
i jump back and forth...addicted to my sets..... sheer enjoyment with my bears cards so more of hobby.....even with GW....i dont feel the NEED like my sets...i do snap and buy alot of Garrett in spurts....but my sets control my collecting sometimes so i know i am ADDICTED to those.
flat simple
; ) used to be the other way around when i was younger...Hmmm....
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