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Killer of Giants has been mine for 6 years now.
Pretty boring here, OB one's. But it's worked 3rd place last year, and 2 back-to-back wins the 2 years before that.
in 1 league
my team
(opened WAY too many boxes in 2007)
for years i thought fantasy fb was a joke. then one year in late july i was surrounded by a huge fire that lasted months, could hardly go outside cuz it was too smokey to breathe. so i joined a league out of boredom and loved it! my team has been wildfire ever since. (and: smartrams and disintegratorz)
Here are mine...all on ESPN.
Show me your TDs
Hands off my Staff-ord
Suh Me
8 Mile High (in the Denver H2H league)
Staf-Ford Strong
Uve been SUHplexed
Motown Monsters
A competitor in my league has a great team name thought I would share it:

off constantly, this way if i lose some one will yell "I BEAT OF CONSTANTLY"
For years I've been the DAWGPOUND
"The Danny Devitos" - Inspired by an old pitbull rescue whom I likened to Danny Devito as the Penguin in Batman Returns.
Schotty's Playbook. In honor of Jets offensive co ordinator and...ahem..."genius"..Brian Schottenheimer.

Last year Joe Namaths cleats won the whole shebang!!!
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