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Hey everyone...As most of you know I am looking to load up on even more Robinson Cano, Yankee prospects and the obligatory Jeter cards.

I will check org's but not buckets. If I gotta pay to play..then... A PM or start a trade will be quicker to get a deal done... I'll check the thread all weekend a ship Sat..Mon..Tues. I have tons of ginter, lineage, platinum and others...

Help me score a 100 more Robinson Cano I need before the weekend ends.... and if you want to buy, of course pm me a offer. Hope everyone has a safe weekend!!! and thanks for shopping!!! - Mike

[Image: auction1261.jpg]

[Image: auction1262.jpg]

[Image: auction1263.jpg]

[Image: auction1264.jpg]

[Image: auction1265.jpg]

[Image: auction1266.jpg]

[Image: auction1268.jpg]

[Image: auction1267.jpg]
you can check me for that tabata auto from a/g
check me for the ike davis the ortiz gu the hellickson mini the tabata and carrasco autos and the harpers
I just got an 03 Heritage Cano RC plus I have a nice slade Heathcott auto from 2009 Elite. I can use some 2011 Platinum xfractors as well as the purple and gold parallels. LMK
check me for Tabata a&g auto as well
Check me for the Mauer, Carew, and Killebrew. Thanks.
Check me for the David wright and the griffeys please. I am also looking for Derek jeter bowman platinum in all the colors.
trade offer sent
Please check me for that Wright!!!!!!!!!!!
i could use the bumgarner gold bowman platinum
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