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[Image: toppsrisingrookies2011august19.jpg]

[Image: toppsjumbo2011august19.jpg]

I really wish my LCS would get some different stuff. :-(
Nice flowers and leshoure
Thanks, I liked the 3 color patch.
I think they tried to confuse me. One of my packs had two dummy cardboard pieces, and one of the packs had none, in the same box.

I'm hoping the redemption stuff works out well. Already did a Christian Ponder redemption yesterday from Topps as well, and one from Panini.
Shoot... you can check me for the Dalton if you don't like it.
What you want for that Pettis? I already have the SJax...
Great break! I got a Dalton just like that one.
Nice dalton
Can you check me for the Dalton.
Nice dalton... and I'm not being biased even though I just bought a 2011 panini national andy dalton sketch card lol Big Grin!
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