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I see everyone going nuts over A&G every year... I always resisted until this morning. I tore open the boxes to get my Manny Pacquiou (sp?) auto.

I got 6 CRAPPY game used cards. No auto's, no NNO mini's, No Bazooka back mini's... so I was just really displeased with the whole thing.

Started sorting... got a Brian Wilson mini folliclulous (whatever)... so that was good. BUT - I forgot about the toppers.

One was a huge card about a forest... but the other was a die-cut NY relic with dirt from the Statue of Liberty # 17/50. No scan yet...

Can't complain Smile
What relics did you get? I am trying to complete the set
I know the State relics fetch some decent amounts on Ebay, and New York is one of them..
Not a fan of this product either. I don't know what the hype is all about. Not much bang for the buck if you ask me.
If you're willing to trade the NY state card check me for it. I've broke 2 of these and both had huge hits. I pulled a rip and a wood card, making these boxes well worth it for me. But Ginter is like any other both; it has its lemons. Let me know if you see anything...thanks!
I could really use the Wilson for my mini set. Let me kinow if I have anything. Thanks
PM sent
Still interested. Check my pm please
Are you interested in parting with the state piece?
Last call for the state piece.
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