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Not so much as an insert, until this bad boy came out:

[Image: e07a8eea.jpg]

Not an auto, but I am certainly not complaining. #04/10
Nice pull! Jealous!
(08-18-2011 05:05 PM)uwash97 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pull! Jealous!

Thanks. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with this one
Nice pull brother!
Realllllllllllllll Nice patch on that one. Love oversized patches like that. !! Congrats !
I love that big patch! Great pull!
Yeah, these big patches are awesome. Just something completely unique about them. Blows regular size patches away.
I absolutely hate event worn stuff.....and even I think that Locker is amazing....congrats man.
Sweet locker
Wow!! Sweet Locker! Congrats!!
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