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Just the hits...

Box 1:
Sofia Milos Private Signings 7/49 (from CSI: Miami)
Tori Spelling auto/swatch 8/10
Vivien Leigh/Marlon Brando dual swatch 203/499 (A Streetcar Named Desire)
Ingrid Bergman/Rhonda Fleming Co-Stars Silver Screen dual swatch 49/99 (Spellbound)

Box 2:
Dick Gordon (moonwalking astronaut) auto/swatch 79/99
Charlie Chaplin swatch 69/499 (Modern Times)
Peter Sellers Matinee Legends swatch 70/99
Daniel Baldwin auto/swatch 93/99

Box 3:
Leslie Nielsen Prime Time Stars auto 3/49 (PERSONAL MOJO!)
Natalie Wood Matinee Legends swatch 478/499
Elizabeth Taylor swatch 157/250 (A Place in the Sun)
Ron Palillo "W.B. Kotter" Celebrity Cuts 7/8 (Horshack!)

Box 4:
Noureen DeWulf Private Signings 18/99
Jean Harlow Matinee Legends swatch 204/499
Jane Russell/Marilyn Monroe double swatch 273/499 (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Grayson Boucher Private Signings 30/799

A great break and a fun break. I love that outside of the Boucher auto, every auto I got was numbered 99 or less. Outside of 2 people, I recognized everybody. This is a great value, or at least it was for me in 4 boxes.
anything for trade?
Not right now, no. Sorry.
Nice tori spelling
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