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Was pleasantly surprised today with a sweet package well it was more like an envelope inside an envelope that also had another 2 envelopes inside it Smile. Was like opening a never ending christmas present. Thanks bud.

Sorry for not being around more everyone that's wondering taking care of something in real life right now that just isn't as easy as I thought it would be but had to give the time for this. Also need to shoutout someone else but don't really know who it is so if you know a jeff from arizona pm please lol.

First a couple of autographed photos he sent. They are about 8x11 so don't let the scan size fool you. This was how great our qb where back in the day. Which is why I'll never understand Eli Haters lol.

Dave Brown
[Image: DaveBrownApexAuto.jpg]

Kent Graham
[Image: KentGrahamApexAuto.jpg]

And now the sweet cards. These are just the best there are around another 50-75 also in the package. Thanks brutha.

[Image: AmaniToomer2001UltraCollegeGreatsPreviewsAutographs.jpg][Image: BrandonJacobs2007DonrussThreadsProGridir...13of25.jpg][Image: ClintSintim2009CertifiedMirrorBlue025of100.jpg][Image: ClintSintim2009CertifiedRCAU082of199.jpg][Image: SeanBennett1999SPAuthenticRC.jpg][Image: SteveSmith2007ToppsChromeRefractors.jpg][Image: TravisBeckum2009CertifiedRCAU334of399.jpg][Image: RamsesBarden2009PlayoffContendersRCAU.jpg]
Nice stuff Deuce, hope all is well, good luck with whatever the issue is buddy. Hope to see you here more often soon!
Great additions deuce! Was wondering where you went. Hope all is well!
Thanks guys not the end of the world just personal stuff. I'll make it I always do lol. Anyone got a line of Jeff from AZ?
Nice cards man.....good luck with your issues and good luck finding Jeff from AZ haha
lol so weird... Where are you jeff!!
Jacobs is very sweet!! wow!! Thats an awesome card!! Dave Brown....Kent Graham...your only missing Danny kanell lol. then you will have the top qb's in Giants history!!
and hope all is well with you Deuce. Missed ya on the boards.
Great stuff! Nice job Cybertrenz! Good luck with you personal stuff.
is it phillyeagleinarizona?
Nope, that ain't it...

I was just wondering where my friend is! Glad to see you again Ron!
Great mail my man! Good to see ya back.
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