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Full Version: Last weeks mail
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I got quite a bit of little goodies last week and thought I'd share. I'll start w/ the JJ's.
The first 2 and most of the 3rd pic came from a trade w/bott.
[Image: 8-13JJ2002s.jpg]

[Image: 8-13JJ2003s.jpg]

[Image: 8-13JJ2007and11.jpg]

These came from various people.

[Image: 8-13JJ2010.jpg]

Then someone sent me a BOX of freebies. Several complete insert sets. I will just show some of them. I Love this first set, great looking die-cuts. 1999 UD Income Statement

[Image: 1999IncomeStatement1.jpg]
[Image: 1999IncomeStatement2.jpg]

2000 Optima Overdrive (also die-cuts)

[Image: 2000Overdrive1.jpg]
[Image: 2000Overdrive2.jpg]

2000 UD Drive Time

[Image: 2000DriveTime1.jpg]
[Image: 2000DriveTime2.jpg]

2000 UD Record Pace

[Image: 2000RecordPace1.jpg]
[Image: 2000RecordPace2.jpg]

And finally, 2000 Wheels HG Gearshifters. Just some of the best b/c the set is pretty large.

[Image: 2000Gearshifterspartial.jpg]
nice cards its time for them to bring back diecut
I agree. I love die-cut cards.
Those 2 '02 Premiums leave me one short of having all 5 base and the Red parallels. I just need the Premium Choice Red Reflector. My 2010 Legends rainbows are almost complete too (minus the 1/1's). I just need the holofoils for #'s 70, 79, and MM-JJ.
Yeah I really like the die-cuts. They stand out and make you want to collect them. Nice collection.
Here's a list of the other sets I got in that box.
*1992 AC-Delco Winston Cup Collection (still sealed in clear wrapper--10 cards)
*1997 or '98 Mobil 1 Racing (sealed in clear wrapper-Rusty and Mayfield--7 cards)
*1999 UD Speed Zone (nice cards w/ foil fronts--15 cards)
*1999 Wheels Runnin' N Gunnin' (die-cut set--35 cards)
*2000 VIP Making the Show (die-cut set--24 cards)
*2000 Maxximum Cruise Control (die-cut set--10 cards)
*2003 VIP Making the Show (die-cut set--24 cards)

These may be for trade if anyone is interested. The Gearshifters set may be too (27 cards). The other cards I posted in the OP are Not For Trade!
i have someone that may be interested if they have Earnhardt's in them. Shoot me trade value with the ones you have with them in it.
(08-16-2011 02:09 PM)bott2711 Wrote: [ -> ]i have someone that may be interested if they have Earnhardt's in them. Shoot me trade value with the ones you have with them in it.

PM sent.
Sweet cards. I as well, like the Die-Cut cards. I have a few of different drivers. To me, sometimes, the Insert cards/Sets are better than the Base cards of a set?
Nice additions
Thanks guys!
Ray, if the inserts of a set ARE NOT better than the base cards, something's wrong with that product. Just my opinion and not a shot at you, bud. Die-cut and acetate inserts are always my favorite pulls from packs/boxes of cards (not counting AU/RU cards). Anything serial #'d makes me happy too, unless it is more than 250. Anything higher #'d than that shouldn't be #'d! Except the Showcase base cards #'d to 499, that is fine with me b/c it IS a base card.

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