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was surfing youtube and found this

and then the fake one

There are more things on the video but the Peyton is a no brainer with the numbers on the front. Just thought I would share. If someone has posted something already sorry about the repeat
People like this seller make me sick. I really enjoy this hobby and what goes along with it, but people like this ruin it for the rest of us. We have to pay extremely close attention when looking for nice patches or even some auto's. It's ridiculous.
I filed a report on that guy.....I cant stand fakers....they are ruining the hobby we all love and I will do everything I can to stop them.
No more honest people should be taken advantage of.

I also sent him a message and asked him to explain himself to me.
I bet if he responds at all it will be..." I bought this off of someone else...I didn't know it was fake"
I reported it to ebay and sent him a message on ebay... Big Grin
(08-15-2011 02:33 AM)usafshelland Wrote: [ -> ]I reported it to ebay and sent him a message on ebay... Big Grin

good deal.....lets keep bombing him until we get him off ebay.....sad thing is all he has to do is get a new account.....that is the same thing as stealing....he should have criminal charges on him for all the fake crap he is selling.
Nice detective work. Thanks for the heads up. These people are just getting out of hand. It is fraud and is a criiminal offense! I hope some of these people are prosecuted. Maybe it will start making people who do this think twice and get some of this fake crap off the market.
Wow that's crazy. Good job spotting that one!
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